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Une oeuvre de Cosimo Cavallaro

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Cheese Room
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Cosimo Cavallaro's parents emigrated from Italy to Canada and he was born in Montreal in 1961, where he studied fine arts, studies he continued in the United States and Italy. Since the early 1980s, his works and interventions have been shown mostly in North America and Europe and in the past few years have created strong reactions in the media over the world. Cavallaro remarks about his work that he wishes to address a variety of audiences by exploring the antagonistic notions of need and desire, the known and the unknown, security and uncertainty. At ORANGE, Cavallaro presents a new installation, EXIT. A Room in Ketchup, which he has wanted to create for quite some time. In this work he will take over an inhabited apartment in downtown Saint-Hyacinthe and cover everything in it with tomato paste.