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Une oeuvre de Michel Boulanger

© Michel Boulanger
Champ témoin. Chapitre 1. Monter
Film d'animation en 3D numérique
2 minutes en boucle

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Michel Boulanger was born in Montmagny and currently lives in Montreal, where he has taught at the École des arts visuels et médiatiques of UQAM since 2001. He holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in visual arts and for the past fifteen years has been exploring the process whereby images are formed and their role in our definition of reality. Over the years he has created a body of work made up of complex compositions whose central element is drawing but which manipulate the representational rules of drawing and painting by revealing the experiences underlying the perception of images. In his recent work, Boulanger has been interested in creating agricultural and virtual spaces. At ORANGE, he examines the question of territoriality in the agricultural field and of the rationalisation of space. Using digital 3-D animated films, he enquires into the similarities between corn monoculture and intensive pork breeding.