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Une oeuvre de Shelly Low

© Shelly Low
Roi des nouilles ( détail )
Impression au jet d'encre sur menu de restaurant chinois
114 x 104 cm

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Shelly Low
Troy David Ouellette
The Montreal artist Shelly Low examines ideas around identity, perception and culture. This has led her to an interest in stereotypical racial views, created and maintained by the commercial concepts of fast food. Her work shines light on the strategies used by restaurant owners specialising in North American Chinese food, who are marketing a folklore that feeds their customers' preconceived ideas about Chinese culture. She tries to show the extent to which these commercial strategies are anchored in the culture and influence our perception. For the third edition of ORANGE, Low presents a new work which explores cultural codification. Directly inspired by the name of a restaurant in downtown Montreal, Buffet Toi & Moi is an illustration of Asian culture as we see it through the food we eat. At the same time, the work addresses the relationship between the self and the other, which is also constructed through the intermediary of the food we eat.