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François Quévillon

Manœuvrer l’incontrôlable

From May 26 to August 12, 2018

Curator _ Eric Mattson


François Quévillon’s interdisciplinary work focuses mainly on the ways in which geomatics, systems of artificial perception and algorithms are employed to interpret unpredictable situations and incalculable phenomena. He borrows some of these techniques and uses them to develop systems that respond to environmental changes, contextual elements and human interference.

“The works in this exhibition attest to in-depth research and to a sharp, calm and amused perception of the technological developments that shape the world we live in. The artist expresses his interest in cutting-edge technologies (involving data analysis, automation and surveillance) by keeping a certain distance from the supposed benefits touted by the industries that develop these technologies and impose them on us.”

Quévillon’s works encourage both contemplation and a tangible experience of chaos in ambiguous situations where the imperceptible comes to light. He brings us face to face with the ways in which technology shapes or redefines our processes of cognition, our environment and our relationships to space, time and other people. His projects invite us to stand back and take a critical look at the world around us ; the rest is up to us.

Guided tour and opening, Saturday, May 26 at 2 p.m.