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Patrick Bérubé

En vain…

30 October to 19 December 2010

With a touch of irony and humour, the Montreal artist Patrick Bérubé, who was born in Rimouski, enquires into our behaviour and reactions towards various kinds of threats and powerlessness. By joining images and objects in his photographs and writings, Bérubé's work highlights our vulnerability to these little annoyances and the grief they cause us. As harmless as they often are, they can be so very upsetting! The artist also examines our constant quest for power, control, security and comfort, contriving to demonstrate that despite all these precautions some things remain unavoidable, making us vulnerable to and victims of our own fears and desires and the futility of things. This exhibition of Bérubé's work at EXPRESSION includes pieces created over the past ten years and new, previously unseen works which take up the theme of ambition and hopes, wealth and pleasure, along with the loss of identity and weakness.

Public talk by Patrick Bérubé on Saturday 30 October at 2:00 pm.
Opening on Saturday 30 October at 3:00 pm.