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Colwyn Griffith

All You Can Eat / Mangez tout ce que vous pouvez

21 August to 17 October 2010

Concerned by what people are eating today, the Toronto photographer Colwyn Griffith takes a postmodern look at a variety of familiar tourist sites around the world. His work, which has the look of commercial photography not unlike that found in brochures promoting these pilgrimage sites, invites us to make connections between ideas around food and our sense of territory. The frenzied pace of consumer society is matched by an increasingly less natural environment, which Griffith reveals in the form of landscapes he recreates using the sort of industrial foodstuffs found in fast food. The selection of these landscapes exhibited at EXPRESSION includes work chosen for its historical, political or cultural significance. To complement these works there will be an exhibition in the small gallery of a series of photographs by the artist on the architecture of fast food restaurants.

Public talk by Colwyn Griffith on Saturday 21 August at 2:00 pm.
Opening on Saturday 21 August at 3:00 pm.