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Radical: vaguely

échange Canada-Bulgarie

November 15 to December 21, 2003

Canadian artists:Æ (Gisèle Trudel et Stéphane Claude), Michel de Broin, Andrew Forster, Marie-Andrée Rho
Bulgarian artists:Boryana Dragoeva, Ioan Kirilov, Ivan Kiuranov, Elena Panayotova
Curators:Rossitza Daskalova (1967-2003), Svilen Stefanov 

Symbolizing historical rupture, the fall of the Berlin Wall stands as a major turning point of our era. Although its repercussions will continue to be probed and analyzed long into the future, it is already evident that this event has fostered cultural dialogue between the geographic regions formerly known as “the Western world” and “the Eastern block.” Now that this dialogue is possible, and indeed common, Westerners are becoming familiar with the Eastern countries, and vice versa. Radical: vaguely, Canada-Bulgaria exchange addresses this phenomenon and allows Canadian and Bulgarian artists to step squarely into “the other culture.” The project is designed as a hybrid experiment meant to foster cultural commingling.

Coproduced with Plein sud, centre d’exposition en art actuel in Longueuil, Radical: vaguely, Canada-Bulgaria exchange is a highpoint of EXPRESSION’s 2003-2004 program. It affords four Bulgarian and four Quebec artists the opportunity to exchange ideas and experience production residencies in each other’s country. The work that comes out of these residencies will be exhibited first in Bulgaria, at the National Gallery in Sofia, then in Quebec, at EXPRESSION, Plein sud and the Société des arts technologiques (SAT), in Montreal.

Opening Saturday, November 15, 1 : 00 pm to 6 : 00 pm (EXPRESSION, Plein sud, SAT).
Public talkby the artistsSaturday, November 15 at 3 pm.

The projetRadical : vaguely, échange Canada-Bulgarieis co-produced by EXPRESSION and Plein sud in collaboration with the Société des arts technologiques.