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Guy Laramée

Attacher les roches aux nuages

Curator_Danielle Lord
June 2 to August 12, 2012

The multidisciplinary artist Guy Laramée inquires into the degradation of cultures, the myth of knowledge versus ignorance, and rupture and continuity in art. These questions unavoidably spring out of his work, which always depicts a landscape. These works invite silence, spirituality and contemplation. His series construct various myths—stories linking the past, present and future. One of his most powerful influences is the German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840).

The exhibition being presented at EXPRESSION is an overview of Laramée’s work of the past few years: paintings of mysterious, foggy and murky landscapes which oblige the viewer to peer into the unfathomable; sculpted landscapes in abandoned old books which he mutilates and destroys in order to better reconstruct and create the story of these fictive landscapes; a new diorama taken from a painting by Friedrich, Meerresstrand im Nebel (Fog); and his most recent work, inspired by Buddhism, including an installation dedicated to Guan Yin.

Presentation by Guy Laramée et Danielle Lord on Saturday, June 2, at 2pm
Opening \ Launch on Saturday, June 2, at 3pm