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Orange 2012

Les Mangeurs - 4e édition

September 15 to october 28, 2012


Curators_Ève Dorais, Véronique Grenier, Eve Katinoglou

Artists_ Adel Adbessemed, Nayland Blake, Doyon-Demers, Annie Descôteaux, Jean-Robert Drouillard, Chantal Durand, Marie-Andrée Houde, Miru Kim, Sandra Lachance, Alexis Lavoie, Hélène Lefebvre, Jordan MacLachlan, Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Michael Snow, Karine Turcot, Giorgia Volpe, Kim Waldron, Chih-Chien Wang


Two places
EXPRESSION : 495, avenue Saint-Simon, Saint-Hyacinthe
LA RESSOURCERIE : 1095, 1135 et 1165, ave. Laframboise, Saint-Hyacinthe


ORANGE, the Contemporary Art Event of Saint-Hyacinthe, is entering its fourth edition. It is now possible to speak of a triennial event which judiciously amalgamates agri-food and contemporary art. For this edition, the curators have taken as their starting point the observation that without food, living things would die. Behind this obvious fact lies the close connection between food and death.

This two-fold concern on the part of the event’s curators – death and food in human existence – soon gave rise to a subtle shift in the topic addressed by orange 2012. Here, food on its own has been forsaken somewhat in favour of those who swallow it. Hence the event’s title, Les Mangeurs. Approaching its topic at a remove from foodstuffs, orange 2012 explores instead the question of those who eat, their condition as mortals and their complex relationship with food. As little as we may think about it, the survival action called eating we perform daily brings us face to face with our instincts and our animal nature. The consumption of food by this mortal body we paradoxically wish to be immortal also, however, brings us to two kinds of behaviour, the individual and the collective. In the former case, that of the private body, we might think of our comforting habits, but also of our anxieties and obsessions around the act of nourishment. The latter case, that of the social body, includes commemorations, celebrations, sacrifices, offerings and rituals.

Need and fatality. Approached separately or together, food and death have always interested artists, clearly fascinated by these fundamental concepts characteristic of human beings. The paths the curators explore and the hypotheses they raise find their moorings in the work of the nineteen artists invited to participate, who extend the scope of these thoughts through diverse and astonishing practices full of contrasts and subtleties.

Opening \ Launch on Saturday, September 10, at 3pm

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