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Nouvelle traduction : 400. Stéphane Gilot


January 20 to March 4, 2007

Hailing from Belgium and living in Montréal since 1996, Stéphane Gilot finds food for his art in multiple meanings and power structures revealed in game playing. He creates architectural installations (some including performance videos) that alter the exhibition venue along the lines of its physical and ideological characteristics and spark reflection on its function. These transformed spaces interact according to a given fictional dynamic, enabling encounters with the Other in situations where cultural habits, convictions and standards are reinterpreted. At EXPRESSION, the artist is showing Temps-libre, the fifth episode of a series titled Plans d'évasions, begun in 2000. Like the previous episodes, Temps-libre incorporates video and performance elements and offers participative possibilities.

Opening Saturday, january 20 at 3 pm.
Presentation by Stéphane Gilot Wednesday, january 31 at 7 pm.