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Computer-Graphic Art Created at Atelier d’estampe Sagamie

May 31 to July 20, 2003

In the area of computer-graphic art – that is, creation of computer-assisted images – Atelier d’estampe Sagamie has been recognized in Quebec for a number of years. Because many artists from Quebec and elsewhere have had residencies there, EXPRESSION now presents the results of work associated primarily with digital capture of the image, its manipulation with a computer, and large-format printing with inkjet printer. In this exhibition are works produced by about ten artists at Atelier d’estampe Sagamie, and selected by EXPRESSION.

Vernissage Saturday, May 31 at 3 pm.
Presentationby Nicholas Pitre, director of Atelier d’estampe Sagamie,Saturday,May 31 at 2 pm.

The exhibitionDes infographies d’art créées à l’Atelier d’estampe Sagamieis a production of EXPRESSION, in collaboration with Atelier d’estampe Sagamie.