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Ivan Binet

Voyager du regard, revisiter le paysage
(The travelling eye: Revisiting the landscape)

From October 2 to December 23, 2021

Curator: Carl Johnson

Ivan Binet has been a photographic artist since the early 1990s, and he has also produced more than twenty works of public art. He engages mainly with landscape, a genre that he has favoured since the beginning of his career.

Through his body of work and his individual pieces, Binet revisits how landscape is seen and understood. Using his expertise and specific processes, he modulates the observer’s view of his works and of the landscape around us. He also seeks to allow us to perceive the constructed dimension inherent to the many landscapes that are spread before our eyes as we walk.

Binet is a photographer who is interested in exploration and expeditions. As he walks, he surveys the territories from which he draws his images. He is attentive to the movements of shadows and light, variable luminosities, and the different colours of illumination. The movements of ice, water, earth, sediments, and other materials fascinate him. He captures the nuances and treasures of each place he visits, including the shores of the St. Lawrence River, landscapes in different regions of Québec, and the many watercourses and industrial and mining sites that he discovers.

Through the works presented in this exhibition, we can distinguish and appreciate Binet’s approach of cobbling together images and landscapes, an approach that has evolved over the years and according to the methods and technologies that become available. This process leads him to create new landscapes that are imaginary but possible, constructed from in situ “samplings.”

The exhibition offers a first overview of thirty years of Binet’s research and production. From his initial photographic experiments and explorations adopting a sculptural form to recent photographs related to the history of painting and environmental issues, the exhibition presents a panorama from the early works to today and includes his projects and works of public art.

The exhibition was produced by La Maison Hamel-Bruneau in the Sainte-Foy–Sillery–Cap-Rouge borough of Québec City. The curator is responsible for the exhibition’s tour.

Texte critique

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