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Jocelyn Robert


August 17 to October 27, 2019

Jocelyn Robert is an interdisciplinary artist active in music, sound art, programming, performance, installation, video and writing.

In the first part of Conjonctures, Robert presents a series of visual works made up of print pieces and videos exploring the collective imagination as it is constructed and expressed through digital networks.

In the second part of the exhibition, a new work focuses on signal degradation and that elusive phenomenon we call “family resemblance”. The project consists of a series of images and a sound piece using the vibrating strings of an upright piano sans pianist. Digitally recorded and processed, these vibrations are partially retransmitted via speakers installed around the space. The signals change all along their course of transmission, highlighting the transformative nature of the processes by which all types of communication operate.

In sum, Conjonctures foregrounds signal variation from transmission to reception, be it in visual or sonic forms. Here, Jocelyn Robert goes above and beyond the mere display of technical and digital works; indeed, he offers us a metaphor for the digitized society in which we live.

Guided tour and vernissage: Saturday, September 14 at 2 pm.

Jocelyn Robert | Conjonctures