Considérant l’évolution de la situation entourant le coronavirus (COVID-19) et les mesures annoncées par le gouvernement du Québec et par la Ville de Saint-Hyacinthe, EXPRESSION sera fermé au public, et ce pour une durée indéterminée.

Soyez assurés que l’équipe d’EXPRESSION suit de près l’évolution de la situation.

Nous espérons que l’exposition de Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell sera de nouveau accessible très bientôt.

Nous vous tiendrons informé de la suite des événements et de la réouverture du centre.

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Jocelyn Robert


August 17 to October 27, 2019

Jocelyn Robert is an interdisciplinary artist active in music, sound art, programming, performance, installation, video and writing.


Jocelyn Philibert

Dimension lumière

November 9, 2019 to January 26, 2020

In the 1990s, Jocelyn Philibert was known for his sculptures and installations. However, since the early 2000s, his practice has been focused primarily on photography. Indeed, he now creates sophisticated large-scale photomontages made from hundreds of flash photos—photos taken at night and assembled during the day, the light of the sun now replacing its artificial counterpart.


Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell

Étrange familiarité

February 8 to April 26, 2020

With Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell’s work, we, as viewers, are impelled to revisit whole swathes of art history, and to reconsider styles, genres and techniques we would normally think of as incompatible. In her syncretic approach, she brings together a wide range of influences and methods: the baroque, 17th-century Dutch still life painting, the chiaroscuro, contour drawing, etching, Japanese and Western film aesthetics, screenprinting, ceramics, sculpture, and other, more recent elements as well, such as surrealism and botany. Audaciously time-travelling, voluntarily conjuring up anachronisms and provoking impossible encounters between incongruous objects, Dinan-Mitchell constantly throws us off the scent.


Jamelie Hassan

Ni de l’est ni de l’ouest / Neither from the east nor the west

May 30 to September 6, 2020

In Jamelie Hassan’s work, the use of Arabic calligraphy speaks to both “being strange” and “being a stranger”—similar words that describe very different ideas. Born in Canada to Lebanese parents, Hassan creates installations and concepts over time, within the continuum of the history of the world’s peoples. In her practice, she also foregrounds the context in which her works are presented.